Urban Badger vs Streaming Video

My daughter is always asleep in bed when the local badger comes around. So we built a badger-cam to attempt to get video footage of our visitor. This is from the second night of filming. The camera is mounted inside an unused cat flap and the large shape dominating the top half of the picture is the flap itself, which had slipped down from the first night. Fortunately it doesn’t actually get in the way.

The camera we used was actually an old Android device plugged in (with the cable running over the hinge side of the door) and set up for video streaming. The video feed was captured on our home server with a little shell script to break it up into 5 minute chunks.

We actually left a little pizza crust out to lure our stripey friend in and make finding any footage of him/her in the videos easier later. Unfortunately a neighbour’s cat ate that on the first night, so finding the video was a bit of a chore, but we think it came out pretty well.