After my day job and family commitments, there’s not much time left over for passion projects, but I do have some small things that I’m involved in and I contribute to. The main things are listed here, but there are sundry other things over on github.

Field Guide to the R Ecosystem

A high level overview of the R ecosystem written for those approaching the language for the first time, for example managers and IT operations staff. It may also be useful for those new to R and looking to quickly gain an overview of the wider ecosystem.

Awesome Blogdown

An awesome curated list of blogs built using the blogdown package for R. (Sites like this one!)

OMG, Meetings!

OMG, Meetings! is a simple timer that calculates the cost of individual meetings to your business. Simply enter the number of attendees, the average hourly rate that they’re paid and hit start. You can then sit back and watch the cost go up as each second goes by! It’s a great way to motivate yourself and your colleagues into shorter, more productive meetings.


A command line tool aimed at system administrators who’ve been tasked with creating and maintaining an internal CRAN-like repository.


An R package to provide a simple model of the popular family game Connect 4.

Docker Images

A few of the docker images that I’ve built for various projects/use cases over on Docker Hub.


Tools to build a packaged version of the spark distributed computing framework.


Tools to build a packaged version of the pm2 process manager.


Some demo code, in python, for the BBC Microbit.


Simple web based controls for the energenie4u Pi-mote Controller for the Raspberry Pi.