Data Science Oxford

On Monday night, I went over to the Data Science meet up in Oxford. Even though the parking ticket machines in Oxford don’t accept ‘new’ 5 or 10 pence pieces, despite both having been in circulation for over 20 years, it was a good night.

Talks were on and the scikit-learn python library for machine learning. The talk was a bit on the basic side and was primarily a feature walk-through, though it was still very informative.

The scikit-learn talk, while also a walk-through (specifically of this page was very good and was a great intro to some interesting Machine Learning concepts.

The audience is very knowledgeable and friendly and has a wide range of industry and academic experience. So much so, that the conversation sparked by the Machine Learning talk continued around the room for a good half hour after the talk itself finished.

The next meet up is about Wolfram’s Mathematica on Monday 17th November 2014.